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NeoCare empowers parents to become more confident caregivers.

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NeoCare Solutions

NeoCare Solutions is a program for parents of babies in the NICU or recently home from the NICU. We understand this is a challenging time, and parents often have questions, concerns and worries. NeoCare families work with a personal coach who has extensive experience in the NICU. Families connect with NeoCare via our mobile app and over the telephone so they can better cope and plan – from birth through the baby’s first birthday.

Our program is free of charge to families – including no co-pays – when it is part of their Aetna health plan.


Meet our NeoCoaches

Each NeoCare family is assigned to a NeoCoach – a licensed nurse or social worker with extensive NICU experience who can answer questions, provide information and offer support. Meet a few of our NeoCoaches:

Courtney D.

Courtney D., LCSW, has been a social worker for 13 years, and 12 of those years have been in the NICU. “My favorite part of being a NeoCoach is guiding parents through one of the most difficult transitions in life,” says Courtney. “I love holding their hand through the ups and downs of parenting a premature or medically fragile baby.” Outside of work, Courtney loves to travel – her favorite trip, so far, was to Italy.

Lisa R

Lisa R.., RNC-NIC, has been a registered nurse for 18 years, and 17 of those years have been in the NICU. “I love to hear the relief in a parent’s voice when they realize they are not alone when they take their baby home! We are here to support them throughout their baby’s first year!” Outside of work, Lisa loves to hike, kayak and travel – her favorite trip, so far, was to Normandy, France.

Kimberly C

Kimberly C, RN, BSN, IBCLC, has been an RN for over 15 years and has always worked with babies and families in the NICU. She has worked as a bedside NICU nurse, as well as providing developmental follow up and support doing home visits. Kimberly is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). "It is truly an honor to walk with families on this important journey. I love to empower and support them." Kimberly has two children and they love to go exploring outdoors.

Rachel W

Rachel W., RN, MSN, brings to NeoCare 17 years of experience as a NICU nurse. “At NeoCare, I enjoy using my knowledge and experience to help guide and empower families through the first year of their baby’s life,” says Rachel. Outside of work, Rachel stays busy with her infant daughter and enjoys animals and spending time outdoors.

Ranae S.

Ranae S., a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), has 12 years of experience in the NICU. She loves to start her days with morning hugs from her daughter, before heading to work. Her favorite part of her work day is “meeting amazing parents who want to be the best advocates for their babies.”

Ruth W.

Ruth W., RN, has been a nurse for 38 years, with 28 of those years in the NICU. “I love helping parents through the NICU stay,” she says. “I love empowering them and hearing how they are now the experts of their child before the infant comes home.” Ruth has three grown children – twin boys and a girl.

Sarah M.

Sarah M., RNC, has been a nurse for 21 years, with almost all of that time working in the NICU. “Being a NeoCoach is a unique role, and I feel deeply honored to be part of a family’s journey in the NICU and beyond,” says Sarah. “The bond that often develops with families makes my job so meaningful and rewarding.” Sarah has two teenage boys, and they love to visit the mountains or do stand-up paddle boarding.

Sherry M.

Sherry M., LPN, NICU Specialist, says “The more support parents have, the better parent you will be!” That’s why she loves helping families get started with NeoCare and making sure they get logged into the app successfully. In her time away from work, she enjoys shopping and vacationing to tropical places. Sherry has been a nurse for 24 years, with 9 years of experience in the NICU.

How to get started with NeoCare

We reach out to families who may be eligible for our services when NeoCare is included in their health plan. After we speak with you, we will ask you to download and register on our mobile app to get started.

Did we contact you? Ready to get the app?

Our story

NeoCare Solutions was founded by Dr. Jeff Jacques, an internal medicine physician and parent with firsthand experience of the challenges facing parents with a baby in the NICU. After six weeks navigating the NICU, Dr. Jacques was driven to empower parents in the same situation – to help them be the best caregivers they can be for their children.